Online Learning



The Department of Education is progressively releasing a range of online learning materials for students in years Prep to 12 which will be available on the Department of Education's website from Friday 20 March. This is not designed to replace the need for students to attend school.  Please use the Department of Education link on the right side of the page.

If schools temporarily close, teachers may move some or all of your children’s learning online. Most Queensland state school students already have experience in working online using tools such as email, OneDrive, Class Notebook, or the The Learning Place which has tools like Virtual Classrooms, Web Conferencing and edStudios.

Additional resources and links

There are many educational websites that provide learning activities for students of all ages. To help you select relevant activities when visiting these websites look at the Prep to Year 10 Australian Curriculum Parent information   webpage to see what your children will be learning in each learning area at each stage of schooling. 

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and families are advised that these resources may contain images, voices, names or references to deceased persons. This may be in the form of photographs, film, audio recordings or printed material included or referenced as part of this resource.

Some of these resources contain sensitive issues for the purposes of critical study. Parents are encouraged to consider the suitability of resources for their children.


St Bernard State School values Mathletics in all classes.  The school offers access to this platform free of charge to parents and encourages students to use Mathletics to consolidate the numeracy learning.  Username and passwords are distributed from your classroom teacher.

Mathletics can provide valuable maths learning for students throughout their entire school journey, from the start of primary school to the end of secondary. As students mature, so does the program, providing updated visuals, challenges, and activities that will keep them captivated with maths.

Typing Tournament is another online platform which St Bernard State School offers free of charge to all familes.  Here at St Bernard State School we encourage students to develop the essential skill of typing to prepare them for online learning and  beyond. 

Typing Tournament Online is simple and fun to use yet powerful and sophisticated. It uses a unique combination of mastery learning, teaching sequences and games to motivate both children and adults to learn the vital skill of keyboarding. Informed by in-class research it is packed full of clever, innovative features that reduce the supervision load for teachers, actively guide children through the activities for optimal learning and ensure that they are using the right fingers on the right keys. It teaches typing for life!

Last reviewed 20 March 2020
Last updated 20 March 2020